Notice of Maintenance Tax

Thunderbird Utility District voted on a maintenance tax during the November 3, 2020 election. The Maintenance tax passed. Tax statements will be mailed to the property owner in the fall.

The funds collected from the maintenance tax are to be used for maintenance and rehabilitation to the existing aging infrastructure, including Water Plants, Sewage Treatment Plant, Sewage Pump Stations, Waterlines, Sanitary Sewer Lines, and the Drainage System.

It is expected that the tax rate will be set at $0.15/100 valuation, based on The Fort Bend Central Appraisal District’s certified tax roll. The tax rate will be published in a local newspaper and put on the District’s website. The tax rate being set will not be any higher than the published rate, which will be published in August or September and then set by the Board of Directors at the September or October 2021 Board of Directors’ meeting.

Be Aware of Scam Artists Posing as Utility Employees

We recently heard from customers who report men and women posing as water utility employees have asked to allow them into in the house to collect “COVID-19” samples or have said they need to check on something in the house.

QUAIL VALLEY UTILITY DISTICT service personnel DO NOT request to check on anything inside the house. Such action is considered, ONLY IF the customer requests our assistance.

QUAIL VALLEY UTILITY DISTRICT service calls are arranged and scheduled in advance. There may be times when service personnel are notifying customers for utility work in the area or responding to calls from passers-by or neighbors, but then the utility employee would arrive in a District marked vehicle, and present identification.
You can call the District’s office at 281-499-5539 to verify employee’s identification. However, call the Police Dept. (911) if in doubt.